The 20 Most Expensive Dog Breed In The World

The dog is often referred to as man’s best companion, and they’ve been since they were domesticated between 19,000-32,000. Domestication was a way to survive: dogs, at the time, were more than wolves in genetics and were more adept at hunting down prey than humans. They were also more adept at igniting fires. According to archaeologists, dogs and humans hunted together.

The dogs would enjoy the warmth of human fires and eat the food cooked with their new friends. The years have passed by, and dogs remain a major element of the lives we lead. Also, they can cost a lot, depending upon the breed.

1. Miniature Pinscher

Average Price: $1,000-$6,000*
Country of Origin: Germany 

A Miniature Pinscher, also called the Min Pin or the Zwergpinscher, was developed in Germany. It is essentially the dog is the miniature version of the German Pinscher, and the first ancestors of the Min Pin include dachshunds and Italian greyhounds. Min Pins can last for up to 15 years old and are intelligent, confident, assertive, and confident.

Males typically are less than a foot tall and have 11 pounds of weight. These dogs are priced between $2,000 and $6,000 when you buy the breeder. They’re loyal dogs, and if you trust us, they can tell you when someone is within a mile from your house and is not invited.

2. Little Lion Dog

Average Price: $8,000*
Country of Origin: Germany

Also known as Lowchen in German, meaning “Little Lion Dog”, the adored dog has been on the scene for a half-millennium. For the last 5 hundred years, it’s been with Europeans as a pet. It was at one time the rarest dog around the globe before losing its name to the Portuguese Water Dog. It is the Little Lion Dog. It is hypoallergenic and is expected to live between 12 and 14 years.

It is recognized as a toy dog by a few club kennels, whereas The AKC prefers to classify it as a non-sporting dog. Whatever the case, it’s an active and playful pet.

3. Coton de Tulear

Average Price: $2,000-$4,000*
Country of Origin: Madagascar 

The Coton de Tulear is a fluffy white cloud of a dog that can grow up to 16 years old. The dogs are sassy and sexy; however, they’re also lively, intelligent, playful, and smart and playful, too. Do not expect to be a bruiser since the Coton de Tulear’s maximum height is 12 inches for males. They generally weigh less than 12 pounds.

The breed of dog was born in Tulear, Madagascar, after an influx of white dogs who were taken in a shipwreck on the Malagasy Channel swam to shore. If you purchase your Coton de Tulear from a breeder, you can expect to spend anywhere from $2,000-$4,000.

4. Black Belgian Malinois

Average Price: $3,500*
Country of Origin: Belgium

A Belgian Malinois can be a well-known dog breed due to its strength, intelligence and vivacity. This is why the police frequently select Malinois to be part of their teams, and you might be able to spot them when they’re “at work” with their human counterparts.

However, even though it is true that the breed isn’t the rarest, Belgian Malinois with a black coat is quite rare. Many official dog clubs do not even recognize their black dogs as pure Belgian Malinois, and there aren’t many who breed this specific breed. This is why their prices can be quite high.

5. Papillon

Average Price: $6,500*
Country of Origin: France

The Papillon is a toy breed. The dogs are small and delicate, with a maximum of 10 pounds. They were bred in France and are among the most seasoned toy spaniels’ class members. The name comes from its ears, which resemble bats and feature fringed hair. They make the Papillon appear like the appearance of a butterfly.

Papillon dogs with dropped ears are referred to as Phalene dogs. The Papillon typically has a white body with red ears, chocolate or fawn coloured. They are great family dogs, but they are not hypoallergenic.

6. New Guinea Singing Dog

Average Price: $2,000-$5,000*
Country of Origin: New Guinea 

The New Guinea Singing Dog is believed to have its name due to its distinctive vocalization. This Singing Dog originated in the Highlands of New Guinea and has howls that, according to sonograms, have a similar sound to Humpback whales. Their cries sound similar to Yodels that go upwards and downwards. A Singing Dog weighs between twenty – and thirty-one pounds. It measures between 12 and 18 inches across the shoulders.

The Singing Dog dogs can live between fifteen and twenty years. It is believed that the Singing Dog is very closely connected to the Dingo and Dingo, both of which are found located in Australia. It is thought that the Singing Dog is extremely rare and has only been recognized since 1957. They hunt independently, but they can defend their homes as mated couples.

7. Bernedoodles

Average Price: $2,500-$5,000*
Country of Origin: Switzerland

The Bernedoodle results from cross-breeding two breeds: a Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog. The Bernedoodle blends both personality traits to make one fantastic dog. The Bernedoodle is a calm and loyal dog; however, it does have the same intelligence and little fun as a Poodle. The Bernedoodle can live between twelve to fifteen years old. They are dogs that weren’t bred to be used in dog exhibitions.

However, they are instead bred to be loyal families, dogs as well, and companions. It is a great companion for children. Bernedoodle is also great due to the fact that it’s a great dog for those with allergies as it sheds very small amounts of (if even at any). The dogs share the same markings similar to Bernese Mountain Dogs.

8. Cavachon

Average Price: $1,700-$6,300*
Country of Origin: Mediterranean Basin 

Another mixed breed dog is the Cavachon, created by crossing two breeds: a Bichon Frise with a Cavalier, King Charles Spaniel. The Cavachon is a dog that lives between 10 and 15 years old and still has its puppy appearance. The adorable dogs are lively and fun and are extremely loyal to their families.

The Cavachon is a wonderful family dog. Although it can be a bit aggressive with strangers (what dog doesn’t?) It’s generally calm and peaceful. They are dogs that are incredibly affectionate and sweet. Most Cavachons weigh between 15 to thirty-five pounds and are between 12 and 13 inches tall (at their shoulders).

9. Pomsky

Average Price: $2,000-$5,000*
Country of Origin: U.S. 

The Pomsky is the result of crossing with a Pomeranian and a Husky. This spooky dog is a Husky with the characteristics of a Husky but has the size and elegance of the Pomeranian. The Pomsky is extremely intelligent and lively, even though some breeders aren’t recommending dogs as pets for households with children. As Huskies are extremely dramatized dogs, as well as Pomeranians are snobby, The Pomsky is a bit of temperamental instability.

The Pomsky can easily become stressed, and children are their main stressor. Pomsky dogs are priced between $2,000 to $4,000. They can cost up to $5,000, based on pedigree and eye colour.

10. Maltese

Average Price: $10,000*
Country of Origin: Malta

The Maltese can be easily identified by its long hair of white, silky hair. This cute toy breed can live to 15 years old, and males are rarely heavier than nine pounds. Their height is at the most nine inches. The Maltese descend from breeds that have long since gone extinct of dogs that were found throughout the Central Mediterranean Basin.

The most well-known roots of the Maltese as we know them present day are found, as one might have been able to guess, in the name: Malta. Despite their tiny size, they are mighty dogs. Maltese is a spirited and fearless dog. It’s a lovable lap dog that was more of a court watcher than a hunter in medieval times.

11. Giant Schnauzer

Average Price: $5,500*
Country of Origin: Germany

It is believed that the Giant Schnauzer can trace its origins back to 17th century Germany in which it was bred to be an active dog. The three breeds belong to Schnauzer (Standard, Miniature, and Giant). The Giant Schnauzer is by far the most massive of them all. Its life span is of between 12 and 15 years. It is an allergy-free breed with coat colours, typically black or salt and pepper.

It is a Giant Schnauzer that stands over two feet tall for females and males. It is a strong-willed and smart, and robust personality. It is a loyal family dog. This breed is especially suited to be introduced to the world early.

12. French Brittany

Average Price: $6,300*
Country of Origin: France

The French Brittany is known as”the “ultimate hunting dog.” The Brittany is a gun dog that was originally bred to chase birds. While the breed is often compared with spaniels in some way, its characteristics are more akin to the traits of pointers or setters. Brittany has a lifespan of 14 to 15 years. It is available in various colours, such as roan, tricolour, and piebald patterns.

Some may be white and black or even white and orange. Brittany’s height ranges from the average of 18 to twenty inches. Both males and females being weighing around thirty-four pounds.

13. Saint Bernard

Average Price: $6,000*
Country of Origin: Switzerland, Italy

While there is a reason that Saint Bernard isn’t a highly registered dog by the AKC, it’s a loving, affectionate family dog with an impressive past. It was originally an active dog within Italy’s Western Alps. It also performed work in Switzerland. It was bred to help people who had wandered off and were at risk near the border between Italy and Switzerland. Saint Bernard got its name from St.

Bernard Pass, which was the place where they breed the dogs to save lives. They also protected the hospital from intruders. Saint Bernard is a dog that has a vigilant, alert spirit. You may be familiar with the breed as the protagonist of the film Beethoven.

14. Alaskan Malamute

Average Price: $6,500*
Country of Origin: America 

The Alaskan Malamute is a large working dog. It is renowned for its toughness and capacity to stand up to tough working conditions and chilly temperatures. The Malamute is sturdy enough to carry large cargoes and sledges. This arctic breed is a dog related to the Canadian Eskimo Dog, Greenland Dog, Siberian Husky, and Samoyed.

The Malamute can live between ten and 12 years, and males can weigh ninety-five pounds and 26 inches tall. The dogs are loyal and loving family members. They are usually renowned for their white, seal coats, or black and white and also their curly tails that are fluffy and fluffy.

15. Yorkshire Terriers

Average Price: $7,000*
Country of Origin: England

The Yorkshire Terrier, known as”the “Yorkie,” is a small, smart, and shrewd dog breed with the capacity to weigh around seven pounds, proving its strength. This breed of dog, Yorkie, was first introduced to England in the 1800s. It was born in Yorkshire, which is the reason it was named that way. The Yorkie is well-known for its silky smooth coat.

The dogs are the sixth most recognized dog breed worldwide. They have a longer life lifespan, which can reach 16 years. They’ve played an important part in the growth of other breeds within their breed category, like that of the Silky Terrier, its semi-lookalike.

16. Thai Ridgeback

Average Price: $5,000*
Country of Origin: Thailand 

It is believed that the Thai Ridgeback is a relatively new breed of dog which has recently been recognized in the West. It was developed in Thailand and is known as”the Mah Thai Lang Ahn there. The Ridgeback can grow to two feet tall and weigh as much as 55 pounds. It is black, jet-black red, blue or fawn short-haired coats, although it’s not hypoallergenic. It is a breed of dog.

17. Samoyed

Average Price: $8,000*
Country of Origin: Siberia/Russia 

Samoyed: Samoyed is a fluffy white or cream-coloured dog which descends out of the Laika. The Laika is a Spatz dog that has a long white coat. The Samoyed was first discovered in Siberia Siberia, where it lived with the nomadic reindeer herders.

The Samoyed’s name comes from the people that it initially was a part of and was called the Samoyedic people. The furry dogs retain their tendency to herd, and they are also stubborn but social. They have a lifespan of between 12 and 13 years old, and males can weigh as high as the weight of 66 pounds. They require a lot of attention and love. If they feel bored, they can be very destructive.

Samoyed accounts on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook receive thousands upon thousands of followers. People love these bear-like fluffy white dogs. Samoyeds are always smiling, and that’s a good reflection of their friendly, social and fun (if not too playful) character. Their thick coats, which are double-layered, require lots of grooming in order to keep them looking good.

18. Tibetan Mastiff

Average Price: $7,000*
Country of Origin: Tibet/Nepal/China 

The Tibetan Mastiff had its roots in the BC period. It was developed to be a part of nomadic cultures from Tibet, China, India, Mongolia, and Nepal. The Tibetan Mastiff was able to protect livestock from predators that are large, like bears, wolves as well as tigers and leopards. The Mastiff’s Himalayan roots are probably the reason it is covered in a massive soft coat.

The is a lion-like dog can weigh up at 160 pounds. It is a Tibetan Mastiff is among the the most costly dogs. A red Mastiff called Big Splash was given to an Chinese director at $1.5 million. The dogs are extremely uncommon. They are extremely guardian and tough-willed breed The Tibetan Mastiff is described on Animal Watch on YouTube as Animal Watchas “the most expensive dog.”

It certainly ranks high with its size, and unique look are the reasons it is sold for such a high price. The Mastiff could be a protective dog and tough-willed, but they also have a soft gentle personality which makes it an excellent friend.

19. Dogo Argentino

Average Price: $5,000*
Country of Origin: Argentina 

It is the Dogo Argentino is a white muscular, large dog breed. It was created by Argentina in the hands of Antonio Nores Martinez, who was looking for to breed a dog that was brave and safe during big game hunting. This Dogo Argentino was hunted for wild boar. Males could weigh up to 99 pounds, and are expected to live for 10-12 years.

Dogo Argentino is a breed that has been banned in certain areas. Dogo Argentino is banned in some areas, including the whole UK and some cities in the US such as New York City and Aurora, Colorado. The breed is required to be introduced to socialization at a young age. They aren’t household dogs however, they are great for owners looking for a safe pet. As of the month November, 2020 Dogo supporters of Argentina received positive news that resulted in the news on Fox and NBC news stories.

In November of 2020, the Dogo Argentino was recognized by the American Kennel Club and officially named its 195th breed. While the Dogo Argentino’s predecessor was that of the Fighting Dog of Cordoba, was not recognized but the Dogo Argentino is able to keep its tradition alive.

20. Pharaoh Hound

Average Price: $6,500*
Country of Origin: Malta 

The Pharaoh Hound is known as “The Blushing Dog” because of its distinctive coat color. It was created to breed rabbits for to hunt within the Maltese Islands. The name of the animal, in its traditional languages, is Kelb-talFenek which translates to “dog of the rabbit.” The Hound’s ancestral hunter hunted gazelles along with Egyptian Pharaohs. The dog regardless of the fact that it had Egyptian origins, found its journey to Malta and became so loved by the people of Malta that it became the official dog of the area.

This Pharaoh Hound is around for at least five thousand years, perhaps more. It is a smart and extremely adept at training dog. This energetic breed is able to live a lifespan of between 11-14 years. Pharaoh Hounds typically have a great relationship with other dogs however, sometimes they’re known as being aggressive with dogs or of the same gender or dogs who are less than their size.

Pharaohs are hunter-like, and they shouldn’t live in a house with smaller animals (cats or rabbits.). Use the hunting skills only for the Chewy playthings.

21. Akita

Average Price: $4,500*
Country of Origin: Japan

In Northern Japan’s mountainous regions Akita is a mountain dog breed. Akita is available in two forms that are The Japanese Akita and Akita from the American Akita. Both breeds are big-sized dogs and males can weigh between 130 and 130 pounds. The Akita was originally designed to be guard dog. It was responsible for guarding from the Japanese royal family and other nobles.

It is believed that the dogs also hunted wild boar, as well as large deer. The tough nature of the dogs has remained with the Akita that isn’t an aggressive dog who backs away from an argument. The Akita If socialized early will be sociable. It is also extremely protective of its family members. Of all the indigenous Japanese dog breeds The Akita is possibly one of the ones most revered, and adored.

The Akita unfortunately, has been the subject of numerous bans across cities in America. Despite these bans, famous people are still in love with them. People Magazine reported that actors Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. welcomed twins Akitas to their families in November of 2020.

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