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The 12 Smartest Dog Breeds

Dog Breed

There are several intelligent dog breeds but there are only three types of canine intelligence, Coren says. Coren defines dog intelligence through the way they can interact with people. The first type is “instinctive” and focuses on the behaviors humans bred for the dog to accomplish. The second one can be described as “adaptive,” or how the dog can learn from its surroundings to resolve issues.

Thirdly, is “working and the ability to obey,” that is, how long the animal will strive to please its owners and perform its tasks. The underlying factor in each of these is the need and ability to effectively communicate with humans by recognizing human signals, actions, and commands and using gestures, barks, and other actions.

The average dog can comprehend 160 words, according to Coren , while some can comprehend 200 or even more. However, the fact that dogs generally take care of us could be more crucial to effective human-dog communication. “Dogs are very attentive and responsive to our needs,”

However, this is not the case for all dogs, but those who are the most intelligent dog breeds have specific characteristics that make them over . Like some of our pets are known for their loving breeds of dogs, small dog breeds are also known as breeds that do not shed. In Coren’s terms, some are also regarded as the most intelligent dogs. What is the intelligence of dogs? The dogs we have listed may not be able to challenge you to a card game. However, they perform their job well and efficiently.

1-Border Collie

Dog Breed

Finally, there is no list of the most intelligent breeds of dogs that would be incomplete without mentioning the handsome dog. It was initially named”the “Scotch sheepdog,” The Border Collie comes from the border of the highlands between England and Scotland. The breed is bred to think independently and travel long distances from human shepherds. They have the thinking skills to solve problems and the motivation to control the animals. “Chaser,” the breed that can name 1,022 toys, is a stunning instance of the intelligence and tenacity of her species.


Beyond a simple foofoo haircut, poodles are consistently in the top ten list of smartest breeds of dogs. The intelligent dog was initially bred in Germany for hunting birds and water retrieving. Their rich history spans many jobs and locations, including herding sheep, taking to the battlefield to carry aid to wounded soldiers, and performing arts. They are renowned for their affectionate nature, trainable intelligence, and ability to laugh. The miniature, standard, and toy poodles are incredibly athletic, intelligent, and trainable dogs.

3-Golden Retriever

Originating from Scotland, this dog breed was born in 1865 when a single yellow puppy in an oblong collection of black retrievers with wavy coats crossed with a local water spaniel owned by Lord Tweedmouth of Guisachan. The adorable, affectionate dog is still a champion in retrieving, obedience and agility, and the role of a service dog. Their favorite task is as a pet for the family. Americans appreciate this breed because they’re highly trainable and possess a warm, loving character.

4-German Shepherd

The Breeder Capt standardized a German shepherd breed. Max von Stephanitz in 1889 with the goal that was “utility and intelligence.” The current German shepherd is famous for his ability to grasp the commands to perform various tasks. That is one of the reasons the beloved breed is rated very high on intelligence. Awarded for their dedication, athleticism, and trustworthiness, German shepherds can be great family pets and expert military canines, herders, and assistance dogs.

5-Doberman Pinscher

In WWII, the breed was trained to guard troops sleeping and lead soldiers through the jungle, and bark warnings if there were enemies in the vicinity. Modern Dobermans are less aggressive and make great pets for families. They’re known for their loyalty and bravery with a muscular build and are among the most well-known guard dogs.

6-Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland sheepdog might look like a mini collie, but it was initially an indigenous specie of the Icelandic sheepdogs. These tiny dogs were later crossed with rough collies to form this distinctive breed.
A lively and energetic dog, Shelties are equally at home at her farm or wandering around in the suburbs and displaying flyball, agility, and even obedience. They are popular due to their intelligence and proficiency in herding, but they are also excellent guard dogs since they bark and can be cautious of strangers.

7-Labrador Retriever

The most sought-after dog breed across the U.S., the Labrador retriever is named after the frigid waters of Newfoundland, where they were initially bred. A short, thick coat, webbed feet, and a long tail assist this dog in swimming far distances in the cold waters. Labs are popular favorites for water rescues, canine therapy, and dog training alongside their hunting abilities. Labs perform well in the canine game in dock-jumping.


The Papillon is named after its beautiful feathered ears. The Papillon dog is athletic, active, and affectionate, and it’s the smartest of all the breeds of pet dogs. Papillons tend to win agility contests and are well-known for being highly trainable, even by less knowledgeable owners.


Rottweilers are famous for their kindness to friends and family and their strength and courage in protecting their territory. They can be amusing regardless of their size. They were among the breeds first used as guide dogs. They are employed in a few rescue and search missions. A thorough training program and socialization are necessary to help puppies develop into mature canines.

10-Australian Cattle Dog

There’s a reason people are passionate about this breed! They are a rare crossbreed from blue Merle shepherds from England and the indigenous Australian dingo. They are energetic and hardworking.
They are famous for their incredible energy level, to the point that experts advise owners to ensure that their pet is involved with their work, sport, or exercise since they can be pretty aggressive. They’re known for their intelligence and out-think their owners at times!

11-Pembroke Welsh Corgi

among the most friendly of all small house dogs and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, an imposing active, athletic, and energetic small herder that is affectionate and friendly without needing. They are among the world’s most loved breeds of herders. At between 10 and 12 inches in height at the shoulder and 27-30 pounds, a strong, well-built male Pembroke is a large dog with a tiny size. Legs short but intense, a muscular thigh, and a deep chest, prepare the dog for a long day’s work.

12-Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer, the smallest of the three Schnauzer breeds, is a healthy, long-lived, and shed-free pet. Add a friendly personality, a compact size, and an excellent athletic appearance, and you’ve got the perfect dog for families. Small, sturdy dogs that measure between 12 and 14 inches. Miniature Schnauzers were bred down from their larger counterparts, Standard Schnauzers. The bushy eyebrows and bushy beard provide Minis with an appealing human-like appearance.

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