How to Prevent Your Pet From Going Missing This Fourth of July

The perfect summer arrives just after the solstice of summer, which falls on July 4. This celebration weekend is typically packed with barbecues, patriotism parties, pool parties, and fireworks. Even though the celebrations are filled with fun, it could be a stressful weekend, especially for your pet. Proper planning and knowledge make it possible to keep your dog in good health. I will be on hand throughout the day and night to assist you in finding your pet should he go missing. However, the most effective option is to make a plan in advance.

Why Pets are missing July 4 Weekend.

This isn’t only a national holiday of patriotic celebrations — all of summer is the most popular period for dogs to disappear. “Barbecues and the influx of people in and out of your house, or even the sound of fireworks can cause pets to get scared and try to escape somewhere. They aren’t sure what the source of the noise comes from and try to escape since they don’t know,” AKC Reunite has helpful suggestions that ensure your pet’s safety.

It is possible to keep the pet in a room centrally located in your home and surrounded by tranquil sounds (similar to an escape space) to help calm their nerves. “Keep pets’ toys in their safe space to make the space more enjoyable and keep them away from loud noises and flashes,” AKC Reunite suggests.

Preparing in advance of The Holiday

The most crucial pet owners must ensure they (and their pets) are ready. AKC Reunite allows owners to purchase or sign up for their pet’s microchip on the internet. Microchips allow owners to reconnect with their pets should they disappear. When you register online, you can input emergency contact numbers and personal information. However, it is essential to ensure that it is regularly updated. “If you don’t have the microchip number of your pet, You can visit the pet microchip search where you can enter the details, and it will inform you the recovery company to call and also provide you with an idea of the person who has sold the microchip,” Harsa says. Although many believe that microchips are GPS, “It’s not a device for locating, but a permanent identification of the pet,” Harsa says.

“It’s crucial to keep the information current because it will be quicker and easier to reunite with the pet.” Additionally, in addition to ensuring that your microchip’s information is up-to-date, owners also need to engage their pets during significant events to help exhaust the energy before the party.

What to Do If Your Pet is Lost

Preparing can be highly beneficial; however, what happens if your pet disappears? “The most important thing pet homeowners should do is get an alert group together and carry their cell phone in their pockets,” Harsa says. “You must disperse because you’re unsure where your pet was.” She further explains that keeping a photo of your pet at hand is essential. Owners should reach their designated recovery company if their pet is registered in microchips.

The AKC Reunite program has live agents who are available 24/7, and their busiest time is expected to be between July 5 and August 8. If the pet is discovered When a pet is discovered, AKC Reunite will text, call and send you an email. They will notify all emergency contacts on your profile. This is another crucial reason to ensure that the information on your profile is up-to-date. If any information is outdated, they’ll also send you a letter. “Make sure your pet is registered. Don’t lose hope. Contact the local animal control and inquire if they can collect the pet where they’d take it.

Make sure to check in regularly and remain patient as you’ll likely be working with volunteers and need to repeat details,” Harsa adds. Most shelters are closed on weekends during the holidays, so it’s crucial to remember that AKC Reunite is one of them. AKC Reunite has live agents to assist in finding or locating a missing pet or reporting the location of a lost pet.

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