10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

Maintaining your dog active isn’t easy; even trying to think of innovative strategies to keep your dog amused is more tiring than actually doing it. From an enjoyable sport of hiding and seeking to fill with a Kong, Here are 33 easy methods to help keep your dog entertained inside.
If you play with your dog at least a couple of times per day, you will reduce the possibility that they will develop destructive behaviours such as excessive barking and chewing.
10Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors With the help of my dog, Laika, We’ve made an old collection of enjoyable indoor games for dogs.

1. Play a Game Of Find The Treats

The nose work game is one of the most effective methods to exhaust your dog. If you can give your dog the basics of games for nose work like “find the treats”, you’re mentally exhausting them and helping them build on their inherent abilities. There’s no need for a massive bag of store-bought dog treats; chopped-down carrots make my go-to snack to play this game.
To play, you must pick up a few snacks and let your dog observe in a snooze posture while you spread them in the room. You can give your dog the signal”find the treats” and tell them “find the treats” and urge your dog to grab them while remembering to congratulate them each time they spot one. Once you are sure your dog knows the meaning behind “find the treats, ” you can make it more difficult. Please keep them in a different room while you conceal the treats. You can then begin placing them in places they must sniff out, like under a rug.

2. Play the Shell Game

It is a fundamental problem-solving game for dogs. If you want to play with your dog, allow your dog to be a spectator as you place treats in one of the three cups. Then, you shuffle the cups and challenge players to find the reward. The game of the shell provides the dog with lots of mental stimulation and helps the dog develop their problem-solving skills.

3. Teach Your Dog to Clean Up His Toys

It might sound strange for you to instruct your dog to tidy up when they’re done; however, it’s an enjoyable experience. Learning to teach your dog new skills increases their confidence and is an excellent method of giving it a boost of mental stimulation.
If your dog already is aware of “drop it”, have them take a toy to let them know their command to drop it when they’ve reached the toy. Reward them with a roar, after which repeat the process. With time, you’ll eventually get a dog capable of cleaning up when he’s done.

4. Use a Stuffed Kong to Keep Your Dog Entertained

Stuffed Kongs are my favourite for easing dog boredom because they’re easy to make. If you’re looking for a way to keep your dog entertained for a while, try filling the Kong with their most loved snacks. You can freeze broth or peanut butter inside, put some snacks, and provide the dog something to play with if you’re unsure which to pick. Utilizing a Kong that is stuffed Kong is an excellent method to help keep your dog entertained when you’re working.
A frozen Kong will last between 30 and 30 minutes for most dogs and much more if you fill it.
I love classic Kongs since they’re non-toxic, durable, indestructible, and dishwasher safe. If you’re searching for a fantastic Kong alternative that’s equally sturdy, you can look into this West Paw Toppl toy. It comes in small and large sizes and is just as clean and easy to wash as Kong. Kong.

5. Teach Your Dog to Help With Chores

Dogs are shocked when they have a task to complete, regardless of whether it’s like fetching your slippers. It’s possible to make them feel more productive by giving them the names of things you’d be happy being able to retrieve.
If you’re trying to impress all your acquaintances, teach the dog to bring you some food from your fridge.
If you feel like a celebrity, you could teach your dog to assist you in the daily chores.

6. Play Interactive Games

To keep my dog engaged during rainy days, I enjoy playing engaging games like tug, search for a treat, game of sorts, and fetch. Interactive games are an excellent method of giving you and your dog ample brain stimulation and aid in reducing problematic behaviours like over-the-top chewing and barking.
However, I’ll tell you this from experience If you’re planning to play fetch indoors, make sure you use a light ball to prevent breaking all objects. (lesson to be learned) The sport of tug is lots of amusement for dogs and is an excellent way to improve your dog’s behaviour and the ability to control their impulses. It’s also an excellent exercise. Minute for a minute is one of the most physically demanding sports we participate in.

7. Make Your Dog Work for His Food

We offer our dogs the best life possible They get an inviting bed and plenty of love, and all their meals are at no cost. However, our dogs are bred to work with us, so many of our dogs aren’t getting various physically stimulating activities.
One of the best methods to stimulate your dog’s thinking is to have them work for their food. You can have your dog do some tricks before having his food. You can also make them eat with a food dispenser toy.

8. Teach Your Dog The Names of Their Toys

She can speak over 1,000 words and identify the most popular toy from 800 simply by the name. We’re not all overachievers like Chaser, but it is possible to teach our dogs to recognize the names of toys and create fun games from them.
Begin by playing with one particular toy, and give it a name as you play. After your dog has learned the toy’s name, they can test their abilities by observing if they can recognize it from other toys.

9. Teach Your Dog to “Go Find” Their Toys

Make it enjoyable for your dog by rewarding them with a treat or a quick toss when they are successful. This game can give your dog the chance to exercise its brain.

10. Teach Your Dog a New Trick

Do you or your dog have the ability to weave between your legs and then jump through a Hoop? There’s always something new that you could teach to your dog, and believe me when I say that teaching the dog about how you weave your legs is much easier than it seems.
To get you started, here’s a list of 52 tips to help you teach you and your dog with guidelines.
Do you think your dog has a lot of tricks? One of the most appealing aspects of training tricks is that you can play around and make it more difficult. When you’re sure your dog is proficient in various tricks, you can take up the ante and incorporate their new skills to create brand-fresh tricks.

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